The Promise Of Forever

Cannot Be Made Lightly

And Over 135 Years

We Have Transformed

Only The Most

Noble Metals

Finest Stones

And The

Shaped By

Eons Of Time

Universal Symbol

Into A

Of Love's

Great Dream.

Great Dream

Of Love's

A Symbol
of Eternity

135 Years Of Luxury And Passion

We create timeless pieces of jewellery with a passion for perfection,
to be worn out of love and inherited with love.

Max Kemper is one of the oldest and most well-known ring manufacturers in Germany. All our wedding bands and engagement rings are manufactured in the historical Detmold factory, from design and production to the final hand polish

Our expertise honed over 135 years is reflected in each exquisitely crafted piece, and throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. It is a perfect symbiosis of hand and machine, combining time-honoured skills and latest technology.

There are many qualities that makes a MAX KEMPER ring unique: all our alloys are produced in-house, whether silver, gold, platinum or palladium; A seamless finish is achieved by our continuous casting process; our rings allow for up to ten width changes owing to multiple annealing; multi-coloured rings show no visible solder thanks to sintered joins; our stones are immaculately and firmly set by hand by master goldsmiths.

And, especially important for MAX KEMPER, in addition to supporting the initiative ‘100% Made in Germany’, the company only uses materials that are ethically sourced and fair trade certified by the RJC.

As a family-owned company, we have learnt to pair tradition with innovation over four generations. Sustainability means thinking not just of today’s, but equally of future generations. And today Max Kemper continues to thrive under the joint management of the founder’s great-grandchildren Marc Richter and Julia Balestra.

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