Frequently Asked Questions

How to select, save, and Purchase our rings.

Can I purchase a ring directly from our website?

Talk briefly to the benefits of using the Max Kemper affiliate jeweller network.

Max Kemper’s rings cannot be purchased direct from our website. Instead, we offer a Quote Request facility where you will be interacting with your preferred Max Kemper affiliate Jeweller/s

How to choose Max Kemper rings:
  1. Browse our Wedding and/or Love & Engagement ring collections.
    As you browse, add rings to one or more personal Wishlists, where you can save your own favourite rings. Rings may be added as either a generic ring style, or more specifically choosing a purity and alloy of your choice.
  2. When you are ready, simply add rings from your ring selection to your Quote Request List ready to send to a jeweller of your choice.
  3. Find a jeweller near you in our Store Locator.
  4. Submit your Quote Request to up to 3 Max Kemper jewellers at a time.
  5. Keep your quote details on record (a copy will be emailed to you)
  6. Look out for quote/s from your selected jeweller/s. They will typically reply within 3 working days from quote request submission.
How to use our Wishlist.

To assist your search for a Max Kemper ring, save your favourite rings to your own wishlist.

Create, edit, share or delete different wishlists as required.

Wishlists can be shared or private.

Download your wishlists as a Pdf file for future reference.

How to Request a Quote.

Add rings to your Quote list directly or from your Wishlist/s.

Submit your Quote Request to up to 3 Max Kemper affiliate jewellers at a time. 

Check your email for a record of your Quote Requests

Jewellers will typically reply within 3 working days.

If you have specific requirements or prefer to purchase single rings where they are part of a set, please note the details on your Quote Request.